The story of the letter from Hogwarts and an owl


After seeing the below photograph, a dear friend of mine asked me if I finally received my letter from Hogwarts.

Readıng the letter from Hogwarts

Reading the letter from Hogwarts

So I wanted to describe her the moment I actually received the letter, in a bit detail. Here is my answer to her (let me call her X).


Dear X,

Let me think. I vaguely remember that moment, oh no, I do! I firstly heard the rash sound, as if something or somebody fell down from some high elevation. When I saw the long-eared owl coming in this little tiny shop, where I was helping my parents to bring home the bread (tough times we passed through..), we exchanged an equivocal glance, and it occurred to me that I’ve never seen such a thing, and wait a minute, what is this owl doing in such an open town? I mean it should have been in a coniferous forest instead. There is something fishy going on here..

I just recalled my basic biology knowledge, particularly of this species. I knew that its habitat was including Europe, along with Northern America and Asia. So where it was coming from? Through the owl, a warm wave of relief flowed. You will not believe me, but I felt that it was coming from Great Britain. How owl left the room, that part is a bit faded. What I remember is that I was holding that diary open, which had the acceptance letter hidden in it. The paper was a bit creamy and I could even smell the ink. How beautiful..

I told to myself, this is not real. I even pinched, it hurt a little bit. I then hold the quill pen, and started underlining the sentences to ensure that what I was reading was actually real, not magic, and read through the whole letter, again and again.

I do not know what happened to that lovely owl, hopefully it did not hit the walls surrounding our fairytale town Tallinn.

Let me end my words with what we were taught here in Hogwarts: Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus.
Sorry I need to go, Aragog is calling me!


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