Abide with me Tiger


Nop. I am not turning into an alcoholic, neither becoming a hopeless person. What is life after all if you no longer have something to live for? The question I guess is, what am I living for?

Life is though, and so is studying (sometimes). I was spending my whole morning on getting the model work for my dataset. It did not, kept failing instead. At these moments, you question the common perception, which is what matters only is getting the output, not the bloody process that takes you there (and sometimes does not even take you anywhere, himm maybe to a dead-end street?).

To my experience so far doing science makes one moody at all times, up and down. Challenges are always there, apart from getting specialized in some certain field, utmost importance is that you learn how to overcome challenges, may it be related to your scientific field, or any other thing that you face in your daily life.

Well, back to the question I was asking to myself, currently (say at least for a few hours) I am living for getting the model work. I will try. Got a bit malt, which is traveling through my stomach right now, should alleviate my stress, hopefully.

So yes, abide with me Tiger.  Please.



About gezginbilge

Bir sürü şey severim aslında, müzik (şarkı söylemek), tiyatro (oynamak, hayattan beslenmeyi öğrenmek), fotoğraf (çekmek, üzerine düşünmek, makine), okçuluk (hedefi ondan vurmanın uğraş isteyen bir şey olduğunu öğrenmek), yüzmek, seyahat (dünyanın her yerine gitme isteği, insan tanımak), doğa sporları (dağcılık, bisiklet, kayaya tırmanmak, ağaca tırmanmak), ekoloji, yeryüzündeki biyoçeşitlilik, koruma biyolojisi, bakteriler, evrimsel biyoloji, genetik, yazmak (yazmak için seyahat etmek) gibi..

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