Gezi protests and Noam Chomsky’s interview on anti-democratic system


I read this interview of linguist and philosopher Noam Chomsky with bearing Turkey in my mind. Last year during Gezi protests, Turkey has seen the unexpectedly massive, who-were-known-to-be-virtually-passive young population. The reason for this being unexpected was because the young generation, mainly of 90’s, were known to be apolitic, indifferent to any kind of political activities. However, current government’s attempts on chipping away the democratic rights of people and interfering with their private lives lit a spark among this young generation and brought them on streets.

A demonstrator writes slogans on a building painted with graffiti at Taksim square in Istanbul on 6 June 2013. (Photo: AFP -Aris Messinis)

A demonstrator writes slogans on a building painted with graffiti at Taksim square in Istanbul on 6 June 2013. (Photo: AFP -Aris Messinis)

Chomsky points out one recently published paper by Martin Gilens and Benjamin Page from Princeton, showing that the public attitudes and non-profit public organizations had almost no effect in policy decisions, where the outcomes were determined mostly by private power.

Since the end of the Gezi protests, policies have not changed significantly but to me what matters most is that the public discourse changed and the very atomized Turkish society was broken down to a relatively large portion. Well, at least for those who were on the streets, marching for their democratic rights.

Though focused mainly on United States’s history, this interview can be read on a global scale, since it is touching on the many kinds of people. People, with George Orwell’s words in his famous book ‘1984‘, who are subordinate to authority, people with manufactured consents, indoctrinated minds, propagandized thoughts, people who are mostly spectators, but not participants. All being legitimate in many societies today, with the system instilled into us.

Chomsky presents the very broken and “anti-democratic” system in a lucid and clear way. I hope that his words and thoughts reach to a large audience.

Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky

Let me finish my words with this meaningful quote, “When money talks, but people are silent, the system is broken”

Interview can be found here:


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